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Welcome to our site! We’re Dave and Kathy Titley. We get underway and travel the country in our 2017 Airstream. This summer we will volunteer for Grand Teton National Park! How do we do it? It’s all here!

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  • Prep Checklists Galore
    With empathy for slow moving bears blinking in the Spring sunshine after rising from a restorative winter’s nap, we too are preparing to emerge from our own cozy den and rejoin the bright world to explore. We are thirty days out from our Grand Depart, commencing our second season as volunteers working in Grand TetonContinue reading “Prep Checklists Galore”
  • Heading Home
    Our expectations of what our time in the park would be like closely resembled a Hollywood dream sequence. 32 work hours per week, divided any way we wanted between two people seemed perfect. Two days on, five days off to play, right!? What could be easier?! We hadn’t factored in COVID and its impact on the park, or having a single vehicle into our plans. 
  • A Tour of Our Summer Neighborhood
    It has been a whirlwind since we arrived on 19 June. The first week volunteering at headquarters has both of us absorbing new terminology, command structure, and office tasks as quickly as possible. … For now we thought we’d give you the lay of the land, in this place, our home for the summer. To start, we are camped in the Gros Ventre Campground, near Kelly WY.
  • Our Cunning Plan
    Dave and I have often thought of this adventure as the fruition of a four year old “cunning plan” (Black Adder fans can probably hear Edmund & Baldrick chortling). An elaborate, convoluted, and multi-part scheme that flaunts believability in its potential for success. The plan gets its start in a love story.
  • Moored, Shift Colors
    We’ve begun the return to Pennsylvania in earnest. Our first over night stop was a very pleasant surprise, in Phipps Park, a county park in Stuart Florida. Maybe the friendliest check-in ever, massive boon docking sites, clean if not modern bathrooms, palm trees, and water features.
  • Thanksgiving and Vacation at Geiger Key Florida
    Home for the next week is the Geiger Key Marina and RV Park. It is an old fish camp, with a well rated restaurant as well as water sport equipment rentals. Our camp site, number 22, was a little challenging to get into, but worth it. Flat and with a tiki hut, it backed onto the water, looking into a mangrove island.

“At the instant that the last mooring line leaves the pier or buoy, or the moment that the anchor is aweigh, the boatswain’s mate of the watch blows a long blast on his whistle and passes the word, ‘Underway–shift colors.'”


USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) getting underway from Yokosuka Japan (U.S. Navy Photo 2018)



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Grand Depart for the Tetons!

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