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Welcome to our site! We’re Dave and Kathy Titley. We get underway and travel the country in our 2017 Airstream. This summer we will volunteer for Grand Teton National Park! How do we do it? It’s all here!

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“At the instant that the last mooring line leaves the pier or buoy, or the moment that the anchor is aweigh, the boatswain’s mate of the watch blows a long blast on his whistle and passes the word, ‘Underway–shift colors.'”


USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) getting underway from Yokosuka Japan (U.S. Navy Photo 2018)

Some pics from a hike up Cascade Canyon

How not to be seen...
Bull moose playing “How Not to be Seen”
I’ve been waiting for eight months to see this view again!

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    1. Hi Moni! Thanks for your comment! We’ll we working in Grand Teton all summer so unfortunately will not be at International this year. Take care!

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