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Traveling the Central and Southern California Coast

This morning we are set to get underway again, bound for Paso Robles, wine country. Dave has chosen a Harvest Host at Bon Niche Vineyard. Their views get rave reviews. Our route takes us out the Salinas Valley where dozens of fields are churning with the activity of harvesting lettuce, acres of artichokes are ripening, and tractors are raising choking clouds of drifting dust in preparation for planting the next crop.

Monterey and some Business Travel

A very nice friend said to us this week, “I don’t want to bother you, you’re on vacation.” That surprised us. We think of this trip more as an alternative living arrangement or life style if you will, as opposed to an extended exemption from work and daily cares. Nomadic to be sure, we do still worry about the grass getting cut at home, schedule management, and (my dreaded) meal plans. Dave still has students as well as speaking engagements and business meetings. It was just a lightbulb moment I guess you could say.

The Great Basin and Eastern Sierras

Saturday 5 Oct. — Early alarm, set. Shore power, disconnected. Mooring lines, cast off. We are ready to get underway early — but the truck tailgate is frozen shut! It rained last night and then the temperature dropped just enough to make trouble. The tools we need to hitch up are in the truck bed, so Dave drives the truck to find a sunbeam to melt the ice. We’ll be packing a travel hair dryer next trip!

Photography Class in Yellowstone

We returned to the grizzly in the cow field, and I convinced Dave to just watch for awhile and see what would happen. To our surprise and delight, the bear’s zig-zag wandering brought it closer to the road. Dave was shooting out the driver side window with the big lens — and got one of his best photographs ever! Too quickly, it wandered back into the
grass and so we wandered off