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Photography Class in Yellowstone

We returned to the grizzly in the cow field, and I convinced Dave to just watch for awhile and see what would happen. To our surprise and delight, the bear’s zig-zag wandering brought it closer to the road. Dave was shooting out the driver side window with the big lens — and got one of his best photographs ever! Too quickly, it wandered back into the
grass and so we wandered off

National Forest Boondocking – and Hiking in Yellowstone

Today, Sunday September 15th is an anniversary of sorts. Three years ago today we visited the big RV show in Hershey, Pennsylvania, just to learn about RV’s. Today, Dave towed our Airstream over the most challenging 190 miles of our trip, crossing the Continental Divide three times from Colter Bay in the Tetons to the northern end of Yellowstone.

Adventure: Yellowstone, Day 2

During the night I discover that my height is exactly the same as the distance from the front seat-back to the back hatch door. Headlights from a few late arriving campers shine in the car during the night, and we could have used more padding but overall the night wasn’t too bad. We were very lucky, the forecast low did not verify — we stayed near 40 degrees. As Dave says, “It could have been worse. We could have been trying to sleep sitting in an airplane seat.”

Adventure: Yellowstone

Let’s go to Lamar. We’ll ride through Hayden Valley and see what we see. Along the way, we pick up ready made sandwiches from the vendor in the Canyon area, scope out where the campground is located and resume the trip. The last time we had been in this area was December 2014 — it was novel to see it without five feet of snow. And with people.