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Our Stuff

Our stuff — things that we have found useful in our Airstream Life; cooking, storage, maintenance, safety, and general quality of life. We’ll add links to our shopping source so you can start your research. As of now (2021) we do not make any money from your clicking these links. We do hope you find this helpful.


iDesign Forma Stainless Steel Suction Toothbrush and Razor Holder Cup are great in the bathroom, ebay, Walmart, Amazon

Travel Organizer Cubes – we use these soft-sided zippered cubes to store our off season clothes in, often in the truck to save room in the camper for what is in-season, makes swapping easy, luggage stores and others will have similar items, and of course, Amazon

HASKO Corner Shower Caddy with Suction Cup – Stainless Steel Basket for Bathroom Storage has worked out great, keeping shower bottles in place even when towing, Amazon

SMARTAKE Paper Towel Holder – we’ve found this holder useful, mounted inside the closet, Amazon

Maintenance & Operation

Lynx Levelers, you can never have enough 🙂 on Amazon

Sun Tire Covers will help your tires last longer. We put them on when ever we are parked for two days or longer; an example set on Amazon

TST TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System) with Color Display, where would we be without this lifesaver? We bought ours at Alumapalooza. Get yours from The Airstream Store

Trailer-Aid Tandem Tire Changing Ramp proved invaluable when we had a tire stem go bad and needed to repair the tire. No finding a jack point required! on Amazon

TankTechsRx – RV Holding Tank Treatment & Cleaner – used by the technicians at the mothership when the readings for the holding tank level was malfunctioning, Amazon

12.5 FT Aluminum Telescoping Ladder for access to the Airstream roof when you are away from home, stores surprisingly small. We first heard about this from A Streamin’Life, linked on Amazon

Camco Heavy Duty RV Dogbone Electrical Adapter with Innovative 180 Degree Bend Design and Easy PowerGrip Handle – 50 Amp Male To 30 Amp Female, 18″

Atwood (91857 1/2″ Drain Plug Kit, helpful to have a few spares for those with a hot water heater, Amazon, Camperworld, etc. And the

Camco Universal Temperature and Pressure Valve Remover is very helpful for heater maintenance tasks, Amazon

Camco Water Wye Valve Simple Water Hose Connection CSA Low Lead Certified for splitting the water connection: one hose to the trailer fresh intake, and the other for washing out black tank hose or other duties as assigned, Amazon

Sensor Push temperature sensors – Dave has these mounted in fridge, freezer, cabin, in the tank space, and in the lithium battery cabinet, the sensors track and alert on temperature changes with an app, see https://www.sensorpush.com

LevelMate Pro – sensor mounted amid-ships in the Airstream tells an app when the trailer is level, see https://logicbluetech.com/levelmatepro/


Magma 10 PC Set, Nesting Cookware — available in regular, non-stick, and for induction cooktops, be careful you click the option you want on Amazon. We also got the Magma colander because it nested in the same set.

Bialetti Express Moka Pot makes my favorite coffee, a famous Italian coffeemaker, found on Amazon, Home Goods and other retailers

Progressive International Storage, my favorite tight lid storage, Home Goods sometimes, Amazon

Berkey Water Filter System is great on travel, we use it for all of our drinking water on the road. See https://theberkey.com

Correlle dinnerware is the perfect dishware: lightweight, colorful, microwaveable, stores small, and rugged. I bought a set of breakfast bowls with lids so they double as storage for leftovers too, available at Correlle, Amazon of course, and other retailers

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen Portable Folding Cook Station is perfect to set your grill on, from Amazon

Suede Leather Potholders – I love my house pair so much I got a set for the Airstream. They are thin, great for storing but protect you like thick pot holders do. Washable. Etsy or Amazon

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with non-slip bottom have been very useful. The set I bought isn’t available, but is similar to this set on Amazon.

Bee’s Wrap Eco Friendly Reusable Food Wraps – I use these instead of plastic bags for sandwiches or snacks, and for storing food in the fridge. Get two different sets and color code your picnic! Wash and go. We used our set all summer and it is still good to go. This was my starter set on Amazon

Reusable Mesh Produce Bags replace the grocery store plastic produce bags, on Amazon


LED Road Emergency Flashing Beacon instead of burning flares, there are lots of sets available on Amazon, Target, Autozone, etc.

Emergency Warning Triangle Reflectors, collapsible, easy to store in a handy spot, on Amazon and other retailers

Google Nest Cams – we used these to keep an eye on the house while we are away, including the smoke detector that can send an alert to our phones.

Fireproof/waterproof document pouches for keeping important paperwork safe in the camper: example on Amazon

reflective vests for roadside emergencies

walkie talkies to help communication while backing up or departing

Quality of Life

Mr. Beams Sleep Friendly Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight with Amber Color Light, perfect gentle light in the middle of the night, ours is mounted just inside the bathroom door and it is quick to see motion, stuck on with the removable sticky gel pad listed below, found on Amazon

Bug Zapper for inside the camper, to get those midges while you sleep, We love it! USB rechargeable; made by Stansport we found it on Amazon

Electric Fly Swatter is a miracle worker – you don’t have to wait for a fly to land as with traditional fly swatters, this one works in midair! You will wonder what you did without it, Amazon

Fatboy: cordless, portable, USB rechargeable lamp for camp and camper, from Amazon

Dotz Cord ID Pro: invaluable for labeling USB cables, camera cables, power cords; from Dotz

Removable Sticky Gell Pads have been wonderful! You can stick a cell phone to your dashboard with these, or a nightlight in the bathroom. They are reusable, and you ‘recharge’ them by running them under water. found on Amazon

Tru Earth Biodegradable Plastic-Free Laundry Detergent Strips – saved me from finding where to store a jug of laundry detergent (liquid or pods) in the camper. Worked just fine in all camp laundries, other brands available, this is just what I tried first, from Amazon

Wool Dryer Balls, Reusable Natural Fabric Softener for Laundry, Dryer Sheets Alternative work very well to protect your clothes from destructive chemicals, I also use them at home, Amazon

Colored shoe bags have made identifying, storing, and moving shoes much easier, we found these 12 non-woven color bags with drawstrings on Amazon

No Shower Wipes – for when you are boon docking and even a Navy-shower isn’t in the cards

camp rocking chairs

camp folding table


ACR PLB-375 ResQLink+ 406 Buoyant Personal Locator Beacon for when Dave hikes, my brother swears by his, see REI or other vendors

Solo Stove fire pit – https://www.solostove.com

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock – my favorite toy from last year, I got a lot of naps, I mean reading done in this hammock! on Amazon and other retailers

Dave’s electric bike

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  1. Hey Guys, Hope you all doing well. Lola and I are in Florida down near W.P. Franklin North COE Campground. Beautiful small park. Got are new truck and Lola’s son flew down from NC and got there new truck from us and just took it out on there first RV experience. That was a big laugh too. They have never RV’d and have had the camper since July. First time closing up walls and one slide out wouldn’t come in. We talked them through how to reset it and it worked. Well just wanted to say Merry Christmas you two and god speed and hope to see you all in May.

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