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Just in Time: Bear Training!

This week has been a full gas week, between Dave’s efforts with Wildlife Brigade, two days of lecture style in-person (not Zoom!) training sessions, and helping prep for the start of operations at String Lake. On Monday alone the brigade worked five bear jams, and an elk jam near Signal Mountain. Apparently there is aContinue reading “Just in Time: Bear Training!”

Back in the Saddle

It is hard to believe that it was only one week ago we set up camp here in Gros Ventre. Everything was gray: the leafless trees, the stony ground with last year’s grass, and the damp sky. Since then the grass has sprung to life and is four inches of lovely crisp green spikes. AContinue reading “Back in the Saddle”

Our second day in ‘the office’

Dave and I both had a some what quieter though no less interesting day on our second work day. It began with a moose calf and his mother having their breakfast under the window of the Airstream as we had coffee. A dream start to a day in the park. My assignment today was toContinue reading “Our second day in ‘the office’”

Well, that was an Epic first day of work!

Exhausted and happy — isn’t that that the best way to end a work day!? Dave’s day started very early at 5:00 am — getting up to write and post the RV Weather forecasts, before preparing for his first day as the New Guy Trainee with the Wildlife Brigade. Lunch packed: check; uniform with nameContinue reading “Well, that was an Epic first day of work!”

Nine Days on the Road – Pt. 2

The conclusion of our 2,022 mile trip across the northern United States to begin our second season as volunteers in Grand Teton National Park. [Part 1 here] Friday is another travel day and we stay at a Harvest Host in Shoshoni Wyoming. We visited before and it was easy to come back. The farm dogContinue reading “Nine Days on the Road – Pt. 2”

What does it take to depart our Sticks & Bricks for a 6 month deployment?

You might be surprised to learn that packing our clothes and gear in the Airstream for a six month trip is far easier than the tasks involved in leaving the house. Packing and loading is a matter of following a checklist and can be accomplished in roughly two days. Prepping the house to sit empty takes more effort, and planning starts a few months out.