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A Lift to Our Spirits

Our three and a half days at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta As members of the Airstream Club International, our quest for tickets to the Airstream rally at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta began three years ago. Our number did not come up in the 2019 lottery for one of the coveted spots next to theContinue reading “A Lift to Our Spirits”

Nine Days on the Road – Pt. 2

The conclusion of our 2,022 mile trip across the northern United States to begin our second season as volunteers in Grand Teton National Park. [Part 1 here] Friday is another travel day and we stay at a Harvest Host in Shoshoni Wyoming. We visited before and it was easy to come back. The farm dogContinue reading “Nine Days on the Road – Pt. 2”

What does it take to depart our Sticks & Bricks for a 6 month deployment?

You might be surprised to learn that packing our clothes and gear in the Airstream for a six month trip is far easier than the tasks involved in leaving the house. Packing and loading is a matter of following a checklist and can be accomplished in roughly two days. Prepping the house to sit empty takes more effort, and planning starts a few months out. 

Why live in an Airstream?

As I write, we depart four weeks from today to head out west to Grand Teton National Park in our Airstream. We will likely be gone for five or six months. Why? We have a perfectly nice house in a college town in central Pennsylvania. We can walk to hiking trails, restaurants (once we’re fullyContinue reading “Why live in an Airstream?”

Prep Checklists Galore

With empathy for slow moving bears blinking in the Spring sunshine after rising from a restorative winter’s nap, we too are preparing to emerge from our own cozy den and rejoin the bright world to explore. We are thirty days out from our Grand Depart, commencing our second season as volunteers working in Grand TetonContinue reading “Prep Checklists Galore”

Heading Home

Our expectations of what our time in the park would be like closely resembled a Hollywood dream sequence. 32 work hours per week, divided any way we wanted between two people seemed perfect. Two days on, five days off to play, right!? What could be easier?! We hadn’t factored in COVID and its impact on the park, or having a single vehicle into our plans.