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snow, Snow, SNOW!

— our first two weeks in the park — Dear Friends, Already life in Pennsylvania and the crazy efforts to get packed and across the country seems like months ago. Our favorite camp site is reserved for us and most of the snow is already plowed off. After shoveling a stubborn ice & snow bank,Continue reading “snow, Snow, SNOW!”

Today, We “Did A Thing!”

A plumbing thing. An RV plumbing thing. We replaced a faulty shutoff valve. It all started after dinner on 6 May when we discovered a puddle of water on the living room floor. We pulled the dinette apart and discovered one of the many black plastic valves for routing the water in the trailer wouldContinue reading “Today, We “Did A Thing!””

Our 2019 Plumbing Nemesis Returns in ’22

We’ve heard it said that, “RVing is fixing things in beautiful places.” We find that maxim to be Oh. So. True! In 2019 we chased the cause behind water dripping along the seam of the lower body panels of our 2017 Airstream Classic and making the water pump growl every twenty minutes to recharge theContinue reading “Our 2019 Plumbing Nemesis Returns in ’22”

A Lift to Our Spirits

Our three and a half days at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta As members of the Airstream Club International, our quest for tickets to the Airstream rally at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta began three years ago. Our number did not come up in the 2019 lottery for one of the coveted spots next to theContinue reading “A Lift to Our Spirits”

Nine Days on the Road – Pt. 2

The conclusion of our 2,022 mile trip across the northern United States to begin our second season as volunteers in Grand Teton National Park. [Part 1 here] Friday is another travel day and we stay at a Harvest Host in Shoshoni Wyoming. We visited before and it was easy to come back. The farm dogContinue reading “Nine Days on the Road – Pt. 2”