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F250 Dashboard Revamp

a modification for keeping the auxillary instrument cluster of our dashboard organized

Isn’t amazing how quickly the dashboard becomes populated with helpful gadgets? Each piece of gear comes with its own mount, from sand bag to suction cup. Many attachment strategies let us down, allowing bits to slide around and never staying put.

Despite having a “tow package” on our truck, the on-board GPS does not have a tow mode, so we use a mapping solution from Garmin to keep us on RV safe routes. Additional helpful devices include a playing card sized display for the invaluable tire pressure monitoring system, and the extremely helpful monitor for the backup camera on the trailer.

Then I (Kathy) saw a post on the Facebook group Airstream Addicts by Peter Hines with his solution to organizing the dashboard devices in one place. I thought it was genius. Here is our version.

So far, after 3,000 miles, Dave loves this set up compared to what we had before. From his perspective, it does not impede visibility any more than the old Rube Goldberg setup, and maybe a little less.

Peter generously shared the links to the materials he used, however, the company was out of stock at the time. I was able to create our own version with the parts from various sources (links are below). Assembly is easy and my driver is very happy with the set up!

[FWIW, the original company Peter used is https://www.tackform.com/collections/all-products/phone ]

The Parts

Dashmount for F250 from BuiltRite Industries is the base the others parts attach to: https://builtrightind.com/products/builtright-industries-dash-mount-2015-2020-ford-f-150-raptor-2017-f-250-f-350?_pos=3&_sid=816c0f7e4&_ss=r

For a test run, I did not screw the plate into the dash, but used heavy duty velcro instead. It does lean a tad forward from the cantilevered weight of the backup monitor, but not badly. The manufacturer has a good YouTube video on installation using the mounting screws.

Voyager Universal Monitor Mount for the back up camera – Item # VOSH6MNT from eTrailer: https://www.etrailer.com/Accessories_and_Parts/Voyager/VOSHD6MNT.html

the tradtional plastic camera monitor suction cup mount on the left, and the new aluminum pedestal mount which can have extensions added on the right (screws not included)

Robust 4-hole AMPS Drilled Base Mount – 17mm Ball Compatible for the GPS from Arkon Mounts: https://www.arkon.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?&Store_Code=arkon&Screen=PROD&Product_Code=RMSMAMPS2517-amps-17mm-drill-base-mount

the new mount for the GPS Garmin with 17mm ball and screw base to replace the old sandbag — this style can have extensions added if you need a longer reach
the first test fit with the GPS mount from Arkon
the voyager base (right) is a bit big, but because it is a standard 17mm ball I can replace it with a smaller 17mm AMPS Adapter Plate square base and maybe make room for the tire monitor

For now the tire pressure monitor screen floats on the dash. I hope to use an arm meant for a cell phone to add it to the base plate. However, this modification is a big win for us. We are no longer distracted by fighting to reseat screens that have gone on walkabout. Things stay where we want them and we still have access to all the other controls needed.

Update: After using this set up over 6,000+ towing miles, the only modification was to add a little teflon tape to the ball socket on the back of the GPS to keep the screen from tilting.

Safe Travels All!

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