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Launch ‘Em! Embarking on Our Third Year as National Park Volunteers

A good friend recently asked how we felt about “getting back in the saddle” as we begin our third year as volunteers at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. So many thoughts came up I felt tongue tied! After our first afternoon working Dave and I laughed to think how very much returning here feltContinue reading “Launch ‘Em! Embarking on Our Third Year as National Park Volunteers”

Songbird Photography

(camera setting info and shooting strategy after all the pretty bird photos) In a previous post, Photography Blinds & Raptors, I shared what I learned about using blinds for wildlife photography as part of a workshop I attended. Our first morning was nonstop activity photographing a few dozen raptors. We could swing our cameras fromContinue reading “Songbird Photography”

Photography Blinds and Raptors

Our traditional trip west to work as volunteers in Grand Teton National Park took a detour this year — so that I could participate in a photography workshop in southern Texas. This side trip of 2,000 miles doubled the usual trip, but it created fun adventures for both of us. One of Dave’s brothers hoppedContinue reading “Photography Blinds and Raptors”