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True or False: Park Rangers Always Know Where Every Animal Is In The Park

True or False: Park Rangers Always Know Where Every Animal Is In The Park. False! True or False: All of the animals in the park “are chipped.” False again. True or False: Wildlife Management does not always mean just the four-legged kind. Absolutely true! According to many visitors that we meet on the side ofContinue reading “True or False: Park Rangers Always Know Where Every Animal Is In The Park”

Launch ‘Em! Embarking on Our Third Year as National Park Volunteers

A good friend recently asked how we felt about “getting back in the saddle” as we begin our third year as volunteers at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. So many thoughts came up I felt tongue tied! After our first afternoon working Dave and I laughed to think how very much returning here feltContinue reading “Launch ‘Em! Embarking on Our Third Year as National Park Volunteers”

This Is Not A Drill!

The Day We Earned Our Adult Beverages!! This morning we arrived for duty Sunday at String Lake at 8am. The smoke had drifted out of the valley, so the mountains were looking more perky and inviting than they had in a few days. Already, the first two parking lots were full! With the forecast forContinue reading “This Is Not A Drill!”

Just in Time: Bear Training!

This week has been a full gas week, between Dave’s efforts with Wildlife Brigade, two days of lecture style in-person (not Zoom!) training sessions, and helping prep for the start of operations at String Lake. On Monday alone the brigade worked five bear jams, and an elk jam near Signal Mountain. Apparently there is aContinue reading “Just in Time: Bear Training!”

Our second day in ‘the office’

Dave and I both had a some what quieter though no less interesting day on our second work day. It began with a moose calf and his mother having their breakfast under the window of the Airstream as we had coffee. A dream start to a day in the park. My assignment today was toContinue reading “Our second day in ‘the office’”

Well, that was an Epic first day of work!

Exhausted and happy — isn’t that that the best way to end a work day!? Dave’s day started very early at 5:00 am — getting up to write and post the RV Weather forecasts, before preparing for his first day as the New Guy Trainee with the Wildlife Brigade. Lunch packed: check; uniform with nameContinue reading “Well, that was an Epic first day of work!”

Heading Home

Our expectations of what our time in the park would be like closely resembled a Hollywood dream sequence. 32 work hours per week, divided any way we wanted between two people seemed perfect. Two days on, five days off to play, right!? What could be easier?! We hadn’t factored in COVID and its impact on the park, or having a single vehicle into our plans.