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The Black Hills are Amazing!

Tonight we are boon-docking in the Black Hills National Forest, in a campground overlooking Sheridan Lake. Our site is parallel to the lake, with gorgeous views under the Ponderosa pine trees from the kitchen, living area, and bedroom. We have plenty of greenery around us. Below us are water skiers and fishermen enjoying the lake. I sit outside at the picnic table overlooking the water to write, but the cool breezes drive me inside, despite my jacket.

Across the Northern Plains

1,024 miles, 16 Google-hours drive time to travel from Bay Furnace Campground in the Hiawatha National Forest to our camp in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This is going to be a different week for us — a week of boon-docking (no utilities) and longer days towing. Each week is a learning experience — we are discovering what pace we like to set, from miles driven to number of days in one place.

Underway for our 2019 Deployment!

The Grande Depart — At 1300 on 30 July, 2019, Dave and I, with the Airstream (currently known as either Dauntless or as OBSO (our bright shiny object) pulled out of the driveway. Sorry we didn’t see you waving neighbor Milly! We headed west, under bright summer skies, and of course, because we were towing on I-80, we had several miles of a downpour. Tradition must be preserved!