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Bluebird of Happiness

letter written to family 31 May, 2016

We’ve set aside tomorrow for a trip to Yellowstone. Selected as an auspicious day by the happy collision of Memorial Day vacationers having left the park and the weather predicted to be the sunniest with pleasant not-too-cold and not-too-hot temperatures. Hayden Valley is about two hours away. The original plan was to stop there, but all of our neighbors think Lamar Valley further north is the place to go. 

8 hours in the car wouldn’t leave a lot of time for sightseeing and getting caught behind slow RVs. Dave investigates where we might stay overnight. Everyone inside and outside the park is either sold out or has their last room at $300 for the night. But I married a smart guy. He signed us up for the last camp spot in the Canyon campground for $28. We’ll be sleeping in the back of the car. Oh, what an adventure this will be!

You all know about the turf war between the sparrows and the bluebirds (last e-mail)… If I wasn’t at the window following Peyton Place, I was getting stuff pulled together for our adventure within an adventure. Luckily, we brought sleeping bags from home that we could supplement with warm blankets and pillows from the cabin.

Bags are packed, we are ready togo …. Sounds like a song.

balsamroot blooms along the bike path on my six mile walk to the visitor center and back
I meet Dave at a favorite quiet picnic spot along the Snake River where the first pontoon ferry ran
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